Thursday, May 05, 2005

Industry Rule number 4080

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIs it just me or does this yout Corey Clarke not look like a cross between Sideshow Bob and Snoop Dog?

Seriously though, I just watched that ABC special where he buss out his likkle accusations about how Paula Abdul seduce him. Must say he's very convincing so although going in I was like this is some more media b.s (I still think that by the way) I think I might actually believe him now. Either he's telling the truth, embellishing a partial truth with aid from his boys and his family or he did a whole heap a research on Paula Abdul.

What a shame and scandal! 38 year old Paula seducing a young lad 16 years her junior. Me remember Shabba a sing about twice my age back in the day and Barrington Levy say he like dem young, fresh and green and I don't think he was talking bout bananas lol.

Actually the age thing isn't really the big deal here in my opinion. Dudes been doing that ish since time began. The big issue is that Paula was a judge and he was a contestant on American idol. She was helping him behind the scenes, behind everyone's back or so its alleged. Now that's just not cricket! Hey maybe these reality tv things are closer to reality than I previously imagined because they seem to be keeping it too real with the shady stuff going on in the back. Maybe they are preparing contestants for the real world. Its like Q Tip said "Industry Rule number four thousand and eighty: Record Company People are shady!"

But no I really don't want to blog about the particulars of this story because the media is going to take this and run with it for weeks as they do with all these stories until we are all tired and weary of them.

Nope my take on the story is about how controversy is now like the best way to get noticed these days. No publicity is bad publicity they say. Whether this Paula Abdul story is the truth or not isn't it interesting how my yout Corey Clarke decided to keep it a secret for two years but now that he's releasing an album he's decided to come out with this info?Ya think that's coincidence? No star, a plan dat a plan! Strategic marketing at its best.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJust like the stupid beef with Game and 50 cents just before 50 released his album. Same plan. Get some extra publicity, your name in the papers, people talking about you and you'll increase your sales.

I think most musicians and people like myself first started to noticed that back in the day, 1990 to be exact, when 2 Live Crew had their little First Amendment controversy in Broward county. It set off alarms in the heads of music people. Hey we can sell more records if we start a controversy they all realized. And so from that day it seems that its been exploited to sell a bunch of questionable music product. The wilder the controversy the better the record sales. Boy if I ever have to release a cd or book or something so I'm keeping this controversy sells thing in the back of my head to use as marketing plan number 1. Don't know exactly what I'll come up with but you can bet it will be outrageous. lol

Oh well I hope this marketing ploy works for Corey.

On another note what's up with the Chappell Show being suspended until further notice. Ya give a brother some money and he stops working damn, damn damn!


nahmix said...

I don't know what to make of this Corey Clark scandal. I taped the show and have to watch it, but I do know one thing. There's nothing worse than someone who kisses and tells. If they really had an affair, then why tell and why now?

Nikki said...

Why the hell does Corey wait until now to try and come clean about he and Paula if they were an item? Ain't nobody checkin' for his wack ass upcoming album.

And I'm pissed about the Chappelle Show's 3rd season being scrapped indefinitely. Dave has some 'splaing to do.

Urban Sista said...

Corey Clark's a punk. Paula's an idiot. And the people at AI must be lapping the extra publicity up. The man didn't even give a reason -- besides launching his new CD -- for bringing up the Paula thing.

Not to say Paula isn't wrong. She should have left the boy alone and just judge de dyam show. Paula needs to stay off the drugs, man, maybe then she'd make better choices.

But like my mom said, "that's what happens when you play with boys."

Big N said...

I love that line. Seriously.

As for Paula Abdul, just... whatever... it's not even worth a mention on my blog (watch me mention it)

No, Dave no!!!

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I believe Cory or else I don't think ABC or whichever network would do the story.
Regarding 2 Live Crew-doan yu know seh any publicity is pubilicity. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

The yute Clark is a sell out! If him and Paula got horizontal, he should just keep dat rass to himself! Heard it briefly on TV yesterday and I didn't really care.

JDid, all you haffi do when you ready to bruck out with your CD is go on national TV, tell them about your deprived childhood when your alcoholic Bajan fada used to abuse you and lock you up in kitchen closet when you was a bwoy. Trus me, your CDs will be selling like hot bread! Is there any other way? Oh, almost forgot, you have to release your book too. And launch it at a mall with some upscale department store so ya can sign de first 500 copies! Jus memba Dr. D. who gave you the ideas when you were just a likkle no-name blogger so you can send me a smalls outta the big $$$ when you get rich to rahtid!:-) Dr. D. /

Angel said...

I'm still trying to figure out what Paula saw in Corey in the first place.

summer m. said...

i'll definitely watch this isht and cast my vote later.

Lene said...

Corey is a snitch. He had the money, clothes, poontang.. what the hell more did he want? Fame? Never that.

He should have just been satisfied that any girl wanted him with his Sideshow Bob looking ass. No talent either, that song he was singing was gettin on my last nerve.

dave chappelle is making me cry on the inside....

Scratchie said...

Whether she did or did not ......?????? I don't get what the fuss is about.

Jdid said...

@nahmix - because his album's coming out
@nikki - I know Dave's got everyone waiting and waiting and waiting this is crazy
@Urban sis - Actually now he's saying that he brought it up cause Fox has been blackballing him in the industry
@big N - oh come on just one little mention
@Sunshine - Yep Cory is getting more believable by the minute
@Dr D - but then every west indian wud tell the same sora story an them wud look at me like so wha dat aint nuttin outta de ordinary lol
@angel - maybe it was that whole kissing her on the hand thing
@summer - yea let me know what you think
@tsar - ha ha ha, poor corey
@scratchie - the fuss is because she's a judge he's a contestant, it gives him an unfair advantage in the show to be cavorting with her. its like if ya interviewing someone for a job and them family ta ya or something so.

Radmila said...

The age thing between Paula and Corey is not much of a thing, you're right..but the maturity level is another.
In my own head, I think "you ungrateful little shit. she bought you clothes, coached you, tried to help you in the competition, and this is how you repay someone".
On the other hand, she's old enough to know better, and that's a shame on her that we're about to witness in excruciating detail, until the next terry shaivo, or scott peterson.

Tracey said...

I think a older guy need to slap Corey upside the back of his head. Kissing and tellin is a no no especially when you do it for your own gain.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's on this blog.

Mad Bull said...

Like Scratchie, I don't get what all the fuss is about? People, judges been getting into some flesh since the devil was a bwoy! A nuh nutten that! Its everyday bullsh!t!
Re the age thing... cho, as you said, Jdid, young fresh and green....

Nothing surprising.

Mad Bull said...

At the same time, who says its true? American TV spouts lies all the time... Remember all the chat boutr Iraq and WMD? This may well be another lie! Re the Corey yute, I hope he doesn't sell even one album. Disgusting little #^@Q#&!