Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Number 1 Spot!

Whoa! Don't slip up or get got! (Why not man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Alright)

Ludacris - Number 1 spot

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOk I used the same song yesterday but I felt it was more than valid for today's post about the Amazing Race finale last night.

Joyce and Uchenna won the million dollar prize whoopee! And there was much shouting and praises and jubilation and people doing the whop in the land. Well at least at my home where people were screaming and shouting and doing dixie lol.

But let me say that this final episode was a real emotional rollercoaster ride. We as viewers backing this team went from the depths of despair when they were last to the heights of ecstasy when they were winning.

Joyce and Uchenna had a flat tire on the way to the pit stop and ended up last on the penultimate leg. This left them stranded in Jamaica with no money to start the final leg. Then they made what I thought was a strategic mistake by assuming that tourists at the airport would give them funds rather than try begging a local man for a pieca change. They got to realize them black and them in a country where the tourists probably get beg fa money by other black folks already so in most likelihood they would probably not give them anything.

Anyhow Joyce and Uchenna somehow survived Jamaica even though they looked like they had never been in a kitchen in their lives when asked to chop up 50 onions. Onto Puerto Rico it was where they managed to stay even and in some cases lead the other two teams; Rob and Amber celebrities amongst the reality tv crowd and Ron and Kelly a rather disfunctional couple from Texas.

Now me a tell ya from the start I don't like Rob and Amber, dem people play the race too dirty, too much backraising and underhand business a gwan wid them from the start. Then my man Rob when they reach Jamaica let off one line about "ahh the smell of a third world country." Wha de rass dat supposed ta mean? Chupse! Another blasted idiot!

Anyway at the end of the Puerto Rico leg Rob and Amber led and made it onto the 10:00 flight to Miami. Uchenna and Joyce followed them and made it to the gate just in time to watch it close. One could see their despair as it dawned on them that this was probably the key moment that lost them the money. I was cussing them and swearing never to watch the show again cause the fix was in. The gate was closed, and the plane doors basically closed and then miracle of miracles somehow the Captain of the plane decides to take them aboard. And people duz ask me why I skeptical about reality tv lol. Why cause clearly that was setup, nuh plane captain aint opening no doors fa nuhbody so. Wunnah mekkin sport! Well anyway that was the break Uchenna and Joyce needed and they utilized it to get ahead of Rob and Amber in Miami and ultimately win the race.

But to show how nice they are as people even at the finish line they didn't want to go in to win without having paid the taxi driver and they were about 45 dollars short. Man they stood there begging others for the taxifare for a good while when they could have run in and won. Man that's just crazy.

But they deserve their fortune cause Joyce had to shave off her hair on one leg and they were actually helpful to other teams in the race so I got to give them props. As for the money well from the get go they said they were in it to win the money to go try some invitro fertilization so Joyce could get pregnant so I say hey best of luck to them and congrats. And yo can ya see fit ta lend a brother a little loan.


Mad Bull said...

Oh, the smell of a third world country, huh? :-) Anyway, I don't know how you stomach so much 'reality'-TV. You good!

Jdid said...

@mad bull - well i really only watch this one and basically juss ta see where them travel ta.

Anonymous said...

Is stupid rass statements like the 'smell of third world country' why me nuh watch dem foolishness. Wah first world smell like....clean and pristine? Kiss teet! Dr. D.

Campfyah said...

nice recap, that is one reality show ah like, but we like a whole season behind hey and I does neva get tuh see it, so ah give up. Thanks tuh wunna ranting and raving, ah now hooked on American Idol.

Rathid...wha de smell ah third world country smell like, casue I cud show dem de smell ah first world country.

Scratchie said...

Clap mi nuh JDid...the first time I've actually sat down through an entire episode of a reality programme. Maybe it's because it had Jamaica in it :). I still can't figure out the statement Rob made though. it was just out of place.
It was actually a good episode.

Nikki said...

Rob shoulda kept that comment to himself.

Abeni said...

Watched abt 5 mins juss cos it was in JA.But cyah tell you anything abt the show

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I soooo glad they won the million dollars. And yes Mad Bull can you believe that comment about the smell of a third world country. Glad they didn't win the loot.

4panist said...

are you saying it was fixed?? I mean the whole plane thing was pretty lucky but hey, it could happen. well, probably not, but don't go burstin' the bubble for me. Let's just celebrate the win na' man!

summer m. said...

not that amazing race wasn't already my fave reality show, but the fact that black people actually win makes me soooo e-la-ted (the dix swipe).

Jdid said...

@DrD - sometimes when ya stupid ya duz doan know what ta say
@Camp - american idol not me, i doan talk nuttin bout that show except i hear the judges sleeping wid de contestants :-)
@scratchie - congrats man, so ya think jamaica was well represented in the show, man i barely see any local people at all
@nikki - agreed
@abeni - shame
@sunshine - agreed
@4panist - I feel the show questionable thats all I saying
@summer - yep that kinda taks the cake dont it

BajanSis said...

Not dat I is a big Rob fan or anything, but I feel compelled to point out that it was actually Ron (the POW) that made the comment about the "third world" country.

In any case, me too glad my people win. I had dis girl at work to cuss...cause she say how Joyce aint do nuh work and Rob & Amber is the best racers (obviously, they had tour guides) and deserve to win...but my girl like she smell de rat and play she aint coming to work. Anyway, later fuh she, de race over and the better team definitely win.

Lene said...

i was happy they went to jamaica. that was a mistake to go to the airport. the local people gave them more blessings than the tourists. rob and amber are a bunch of bastards. they dont need no money. i was just happy that uchenna and joyce won. did anyone notice how dumb rob and amber are? if you are supposed to jump from a bridge into the water, why the hell are you searching by the riverbank? hahahahaha. and why did uchenna strip down to his boxers? he could have left his pants on... dude was serious...

kashata said...

Soo happy for these 2 they played the ame well with no cheap shots.They actually left a reality show with $1,000,000 and their dignity intact!.

solitaire said...

Wait deh... Jamaica IS a 3rd worl' country, so wha di fuss? (Yeah mi cyan say dat, mi from di deh!) Oh, di man did tink seh di place muss smell BAD? Ha! Ig'nant ass.

Anyway J-Diddy, clear someting up fi mi bruh. A wha dis. Some Black people did win lass season. Is Amazing Race on CBS or some other network? Because dis a wha dem show pon Di Amazing Race whicheh.

Clear it up, baba!