Monday, May 02, 2005


Well its already the fifth month of the year. Can you guys believe that? Doesn't it seem like just two mornings ago it was January and we were talking about what the upcoming year held for us and making plans to make this year better than last year?

Time does fly even when you're not having fun I guess, because now its May and that means June is next month and that's like the middle of the year. So much things I wanted to achieve by now and not one thing done yet. Cuhdear! Of course I really aint got nuhbody ta blame but myself so I cant really complain.

Now between you and me, I think we have to rethink this whole measurement of time thing because I remember back in the day, the days and nights seemed really long. You would wake up and go to school or work and it would feel like forever before noon rolled by. Then you would spend afternoon cheering on the time, mentally willing it to get to end of school or quitting time at work. Nowadays ya wake up blink twice and it is 6 o'clock in the evening and you look back at the day and think but what did I really accomplish and when ya check its barely half of what your goals were in the morning.

So secretly I think time is moving faster than before but because we moving with time and not independent of time then our reference clocks are just in synch with the way time moving so we cant actually measure that the time moving faster. Wait a minute that don't mek no sense if ya think of the physics of it but anyhow. All we got is this feeling that 2 hrs nowadays aint the same as two hours in the time past. Maybe the universe spinning quicker or something so, I aint know, I guess we would got to find a way to measure time from outside the reference frame of time, like step out of time and then measure time if you will. I will left that one for the sci fi time travelers and the physicists amongst us to figure out if we got a rift in the space time continuum (I aint know what that mean but the fellas on Star Trek used ta say it regular) cause dat wud juss hurt my head to try and figure out. All I know is that they say time aint waiting for no man and if this was a race time would be continually lapping we.

Anyway as I started to say its May. Temperature here in Toronto seems a little chillier than it should be. I got all these plans to do work outside and every time I step out the door is a big bundle a rain greeting me and ya know as a good West Indian anytime rain even set up all work plans got to change. We aint getting wet fa nuhbody, we frighten bad fa rain. Like if lil rain hit we all a we gine melt like we mek outta salt. LOL

So I come home today with big plans to go outside and try and deal with the weeds cause I wanta try an tek this lawn thing serious. Well as serious as I can handle it till I get vex and mix up some concrete and plaster the whole blasted ting cause see this whole mowing lawn every weekend thing? Dat naa mek it! Anyways I looking to at least put in an effort on the greenery and the beautification efforts to avoid getting cuss by the neighbors and bram on the way home on the bus rain start liking down cruel. Well all wuk and thoughts of wuk done one time from the time the sky get dark so by the time that rain start ta fall I was already planning alternate ways ta spend tonight. Oh well anudda day fa de weeds.

So I will try and finish up my taxes tonight and send them in cause they are due at midnight. Thank God ya can send them electronically cause the wife cussing me saying that I finish the taxes since last week and I play I wont send them off. I tell she I had faget to go buy a e-stamp so I could e-mail dem but she din buy that excuse and just say I like I is a real e-diat. Sigh! Oh well I try.

Oh and before I go wunnah see that the groom of the runaway bride say he would still marry her. Lawd ave mercy! Well I thought she head did bad but his like it 'worser dan dat'.


Big N said...

That guy should be castrated.

Anonymous said...

JDid, you right bout Caribbean people and rain...dem don't mix. Rain mean one work, stay at you yard and sleep...or other more fun stuff! ;-)

Don't envy you with the lawn mowing either.

As for the groom of the runaway bride...maybe he should go jog off into the horizon and rethink his decision to marry her. Guess it tek two eediat peas to make a pod eh!? Dr. D.

Lene said...

dude needs a kick in the head for being that dense

solitaire said...

You're right...time go go go, eeeh iyah?
But nuh worry. We think that we're wasting time doing one thing when God is going to do another. Soon come, iyah! hang in deh!

Nikki said...

It must be slim pickings in the town where the Runaway Bride is from, because her bridegroom still wants to marry her. You mean to tell me there are no more chicks you can get with?

Natty said...

I was just saying the same thing to a friend- about time passing by so fast. I remember the summers as a kid, it lasted FOREVER! Now, summer is just another few months that fly by and I find that I didn't get to do the all the things that I wanted to...

Angel said...

That's the worst thing about spring and summer. Rain and all the outdoors work that needs to be done.

And time goes by wayy too fast. I don't bother making daily goals now 'cause something always comes up and then you feel like a failure for being so unproductive. Weekly goals, I can live with.

Angel said...

Ohh, also, did you guys hear that the Wilbanks woman was engaged before, too?

What I wouldn't do to find that guy and hear more stories... LOL!

Campfyah said...

I think it's time dat going by normal and we aging that going by faster dan ever. Boye, I hey thiinking dat I remember when I di younger and feeling dat people in duh 40's was old, now looka how fast ah reach old.

man just throw some kerosene pun de lawn and call it a day...mowing problem solved.

Anonymous said...

ya - i can't believe it's may already. but that's could, i need time to pass quick, right now. personally, i feel like in one of those 'time warp loops', where i just keeping repeating the same thing, over and over and over...

may, and it was FREEZING last night. it better shape up soon! i got flag football and soccer to play, and don't fancy doing it in cold and wet weather!

Abeni said...

Yup,time sure flies.Just yesterday I was 16 years!

Jdid said...

@big N - poor guy is blinded by love.
@Dr D - yep rain means rest and relaxation in my mind
@starfoxx - the man in love i tell ya lol
@soli - yea girl that makes a lot of sense
@nikki - maybe she's the one hot gal in the town lol
@natty - yep time just aint the same as before
@angel - yep weekly goals have to be the way to go these days.
@camp - kerosense you say hmmm another option lol
@purfiktgurl - sounds like you're in groundhog day
@abeni - lol, who you trying fe fool :-)