Thursday, May 19, 2005

It done

Finally! After many weeks America's Next Top Model is over and let me say I'm glad its done. Doan know how or why I suffered through this thing lol. And the winner is..................

Image hosted by Naima! Just as was predicted in these here blog pages many weeks ago and then again last week. I guess I may know something about fashion after all.

It was close I think the judges almost gave it to Kahlen because they were saying Kahlen consistently photographed well but Naima pulled it out by acing the runway challenge and the Cover Girl AD shoot. Good for her.

Anyway wont recap the show here in too much detail as it was rather uneventful in my mind. It was a two hour finale so the first hour was spent recapping some of the moments from this season which I've already told you about. Brandi's hair drama, Rebecca's fainting spell (my personal favorite for the way I blogged about it, "Tyra Tyra oh shoot de girl fall down, wha we gine do" lol), Tiffany's drinking spell, Michelle's skin issue, Tyra's shouting match and all the other hijinks from this years show.

There was then a Cover Girl Ad shoot after which a supremely confident Keenyah was eliminated and then there was a runway show where the final two girls got to show their stuff and Naima came out on top.

Anyway now I have to look for something else semi-constructive to write on Thursday. Oh well!

Continuing on a fashion trend, has anyone here in T dot noticed the creative use of these tiny L.E.D's or some other type of small lights in clothing? This girl got off the bus at Kennedy yesterday and everytime she walked her shoes glowed with orange lights. I was trying not to laugh. Extremely distracting I say and how can I put this delicately Ok I cant that is just so ghetto!

Also I notice that Ponchos for the ladies are still in style this spring. I don't have anything against Ponchos but seriously if your Poncho looks like somebody is at home asking but wait where my bedspread gone or it looks like you wearing someone's comforter just don't do it. Trust me on this one! And no I not dissing bigger folks in Ponchos I'm talking about the type of Poncho, cause I see a couple of people with some heavy heavy material that just make me think that they took up the comforter juck a hole in the middle and throw it on.

And lawd ave mercy is it just me or are some of the school girls these days dressing like school women? Ok yea I cant say these days because I'm sure they were doing it in my day too but its kind of disturbing to see how some of the young girls dressing for school. Maybe its a sign I'm getting old that I'm noticing this stuff. I mean the 'kirts (dem too short to be skirts) that some of the catholic school girls wearing are bad enough but then some of the other school girls wearing some tight tight stretch to fit jeans and walking bout wining bout what they have and what they aint have. I see one girl the other day in a tight tight jeans , form fitting an ting so and I swear from the way she was carrying herself she was at least 23-24 and when ya hear the shout my girl get off with the rest a school children at the high school. And no I don't think she was a teacher. Lawd ave mercy! I hope R Kelly neva see she.

And non-fashion related but kind of interesting. This was the quote on Star Wars Episode III that I read in the New Yorker this week "The general opinion of "Revenge of the Sith" seems to be that it marks an improvement on the last two episodes "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones". True but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion."

Ouch! Now that's pretty harsh.

Ok and I hope Natty still reading my blog because I need a dream interpreted. Don't remember too much about this one but the two things I remember (ok promise wunnah aint gine laff at me) are one, I was talking to my parents, (well actually to set the scene ya gotta know that I have the same name as my dad) and one of them referred to me as "stupid jdid". So I was like but wait why wunnah calling me stupid for and they said they do that to differentiate between me and my father. Cuhdear , ya see I know wunnah laffin, how wunnah think I feel. cho it not funny ya kno! I thought wunnh was my friends.

And the next part of the dream I remember is I had a beetle or some sort of tiny bug under my skin in my left arm, well actually he was on the under the back of my left shoulder first and I ignored it and then somehow he found his way down to the inside of the left arm. Totally disturbing, crawled my skin literally, reminded me of the mummy. So Natty or any other dream interpreters help me out, and looka stop laffin at "stupid jdid" nuh. chupse.


Anonymous said...

I've seen dem school woman up so....dress like dem going out on a date. Nuff make up, low rider jeans, belly wah dem going to learn at school? Then again, don't their parents see what dem leave the house wearing in the morning?

You sure the bug in the dream was a beetle and not some kinda louse...the crab kind!? ;-) Jus cool. Dr. D.

Slow Metamorphosis said...

well I called it I guess we both know something about fashion. But doesnt she look close to Eva from last year? HMMM.

Natty said...

Now, Jdid, you know I still read you blog! I look forward to it.
Dreaming of a beetle is interesting... Usually associated with feeling insecure & insignificant; coupled with your parents calling you 'stupid Jdid" to differentiate your from Jdid Sr. and laughing at you. The fact that loved ones, not strangers, were laughing at you, tells me that there could be some feelings of insecurity and maybe struggles to stand out and be recognized for the person that you are.
Protection is also associated with the beetle.

Amadeo said...

I concur with Natty sounds like a "What type of man I am/becoming dream". Now if someone could help me understand why I dreamt I got Janeane Garofalo pregnant last night?

Abeni said...

How many times do I have to tell you to watch what you eat before you go to sleep?

Lene said...

That's crazy. these little prostitots that hang out at Kennedy station get on my nerves. I actually have to tell those dumb ass guys that I go to university, so move with you're high school selves. you know all about the hoochies that went to my high school anyway.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-hope you're feeling better. I'm glad Naima won.
Interesting dream. I agree with Natty's interpretation.

Mahogany Elle said...

I'm loving this blog. I'll be back to visit :) BTW, I was rooting for Naima too. Glad she pulled it out! Now if only someone can assist Tyra with her Rainbow Brite weave. LOL

summer m. said...

naima is pretty cute.

bedouin said...

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how did i get caught up in ur ugly face the ugly lady who made u. guess what iam no model or actress what makes u think u are, & you are no role model. thank god i dont know who u are & i never will. im going to make sure the webmistress alana is jailed for letting peter expose me to you, ur ugly twisted sister & peter him self. dont ever look at me cos ur disgusting & i dont wnat to know u ever.