Saturday, May 28, 2005

Musical Baton

Image hosted by Well Mad Bull passed me the baton so I've got to run with it. Actually anytime I think of batons I think of my 4x100m training sessions back at high school. I was usually the 2nd or last leg runner and I really hated relays and track practice. Anyway this one time I was running leg two at practice and I came in too close to the number 3 guy. I shouted "Stick" to late, he put his arm back and I slammed the big aluminum baton right smack dab into his elbow with a loud clank. Ouch! Well it was rather funny from my perspective. Yea those were the days lol

Anyway onto the musical baton. Let me answer these questions.

Total volume of music files on computer:
1.84GB. shhh don't tell my wife, lol.

The last CD I bought was :
Image hosted by Photobucket.comActually its three cds: O.C - Word Life, Trends of Culture - Trendz.... And 4th Avenue Jones - Stereo: The Evolution of hiprocksoul (Thats Ahmad of Back in tha day fame's group in case you're wondering). I'm especially proud of the O.C album because I've been trying to find this cd for about 5 years now and on Tuesday I finally found the reissue in Kops on Queen street. It was like I was Captain Ahab and this cd was my whale. Oh man it was like Christmas came early on Tuesday when I found this. Of course then my week fell to crap on Wednesday but for one brief moment on Tuesday I was feeling nice.

Song playing right now :
Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen I started this blog I was listening to Nutin to Do by Common, before he lost the Sense, off the Resurrection album because I got called out on the sample on Resurrection on my other blog Hip Hop Quotables and yes that was a shameless plug for that site :-)

Now I'm listening to the Masterplan show on CIUT play The Corners by Common and Dreams by The Game amongst other stuff.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me :
Man I listen to so much music that this one is kind of tough for me so I'll go with songs that off hand I like for various reasons.

Deportees - Buju Banton
Even though its about Criminals being deported to me its about someone living abroad and forgetting their roots so I like this song to kinda keep me grounded.

The Warning - Biggie
The lyrics in this song are the ish.
They heard about the rolexes and the lexus
with the Texas license plate outta state

Passing me By - Pharcyde
Fat Lips verse is just the cry of every dude who's every been shot down.

Calypso Music - David Rudder
The first four lines are so poetic that it just drags me in:

Can you hear a distant drum
Bouncing on the laughter of a melody
And does the rhythm tell you come come come come
Does your spirit do a dance to this symphony

Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder
Had to throw a love song in there lol.

Oh and just to throw y'all for a loop I'll add a sixth song My Favorite Things from the movie The Sound of Music which is one movie I've never seen and I really have no urge to watch Julie Andrews run through fields singing. However this particular song is infectious and I whistle it occasionally at work or quote it to people so that it gets into their heads. Try it, its fun! Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens lol.

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton :
Ok I'm going to call out Abeni, Marlo, Camp, Nikki and my man the big pimping Big N.


Don Tate II said...

Man, this baton/tag thing is makin its rounds, isn't it. I feel so out of the loop, not recognizing one hit on your list. Old man here.

Mad Bull said...

I kinda suspected you wouldn't let me down...

dorna! said...

Oh great, now I'll have Julie Andrews' voice stuck in my head all day. Stupes... :D

Ta for adding me to the blogroll. Unfortunately, due to extreme Bloggeresque foolishness I'm squatting over here:

obifromsouthlondon said...

hehehe the good old days of track sports. I was only ever good at soccer. had to run for my school house though. got forced to do it. and came last.

OC's word life - classic
Pharcyde's passing me by - classic
Biggie's warning - always leaves me ice cold whenever I hear it

Mahogany Elle said...

Passing me by is A CLASSIC!! I love it when he calls dude "a rootypoo, a nincompoop" LOL Also liked your cricket story. Sounds like you are one smoov incognito ninja not to get caught *smile*

obifromsouthlondon said...

this extra comment is for forgetting.

is it me of is that "Jam Rock" tune by Damien Marley killing it? fyah (where in this post did didy mention damien marley? I must be tripping)

Anonymous said...

whats up... can I get that O.C. album from you please? (i've been looking for it for a long time too)

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